Flowers At the Fountain

Ok so I dont show the fountain, but these are at Waterworks Park at the Fountain.

I enjoyed this park the last time I was there and wanted to see it and all the gorgeous flowers again. I figured why not before the season completely ended and they were all gone. Does give me ideas for my own garden next year, maybe. Looks like an awful lot of work lol.. It would be worth it tho if I did it correctly.

But if you are ever in Des Moines during this time of year definitely visit Water Works Park. It’s a beautiful 1500-acre park with loads of trails for biking, walking, hiking or even go for a drive through the park. And across the street is Grays Lake, another place to visit and go for a walk.

The parks are connected by a tunnel that goes under the street. It’s made getting from one place to the other alot easier if you dont feel like trying to drive from one to the other..


~ by Lencrest Photos on October 15, 2022.

3 Responses to “Flowers At the Fountain”

  1. What a glorious abundance of flowers!! The flowers themselves make a fountain! Wonderful images.


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