Total Eclipse

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These from a previous year turned out better than my attempt this year..


Greenwood Park

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A Few From Different States

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Fixed an old post whose photos for some reason were the size of thumbnails. Figured it would be nice to actually see what they were..

Farm Field1
White Sands, New Mexico
New Mexico
New Mexico

New Mexico

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I lived in New Mexico off and on for Several years.  Took awhile for the place to grow on me, but I eventually found the beauty there…

Basin View

Is it Fall Yet?

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I am wishing it was fall already..

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Sometimes I do Like the Snow

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It’s a repost, but it has been so hot I wanted to look at something cool..

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Almost 9 Years

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Its hard to believe I have had a Blog here for almost 9 years. When I first started posting for whatever reason, my photos were small and thumbnail size and i didnt post on a very regular basis. Back when I started Wordpess was alot different, not as many options on anything and my knowledge on how anything worked was limited. So I will be going through and cleaning up a bit. Fixing photo sizes where I can etc and Reposting certain Posts along with adding new content.

Hope you all stick with me as I continue my blogging journey.

Have a wonderful and safe day!

Couple Favorites from New Mexico

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When I first got to New Mexico I didn’t think I would ever find anything to like about there area I lived in, but if you look you eventually find something that just might catch your eye.  I learned to find the beauty in a landscape I wasn’t used to….

Desert Retreat
Miles to Go
Canyon View

Broken Down Fence

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I ended up adding some shrubs and tree to this one, but i like this simple version.

My Eyes Need Work

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Weed, Flower, whatever it Wants To Be

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Ever Changing Skies

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Went from one to the other in a short time..

Drawing Week

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Forest Barn

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Barn needs a few tweaks, already made a few after this one..

Practice Practice Practice

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That one word covers almost anything you do, no matter what it is.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that one, this i’m finding out today is not always true. Practice does not always make perfect. Sometimes I practice shapes because im not that good at them individually. Circles don’t like me, especially today.

So I have a book with exercise and one was a grouping of circles that I liked. Seems like the more I draw circles the worse I get. I start over thinking then I get frustrated. I have one group thats decent but has flaws.

Sometimes I do a drawing, take a photo which shows me how much it sucks then i make notes. This is the start of that.

This coming week is going to be hot hot so I will probably be posting drawings..

Have a good weekend!

Dark and Rainy afternoon

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Quick Trip to Lake

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Where the Buffalo Don’t Roam

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I took a short drive thinking I would go see the baby Buffalo. What I saw was dark spots waaaay off in the distance where ya couldn’t drive or walk. Walking would definetly be bad, there are signs that say “stay in vehicle at all times, buffalo are wild and unpredictable” or close to that. Not like I wanted to go tromping through bug and tick infested grass anyway. Not that I know if ticks are out yet, but you know theres bug or worse, snakes!

Granted I went during the warm part of the day when the herd is out in the trees where I am sure it was cool and shady. So that is on me, but I am still a bit disappointed. There will be another day tho.

View From the Hill

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I think our city had a purple theme going on this year. But thats ok cause I like the color, and it was all very pretty. It was a gorgeous day to get out and enjoy our Capital. Des Moines, Iowa

Tank Hill Park

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Johnston, Iowa overlooking Camp Dodge.

Camp Dodge has a long history in Iowa. Construction started in 1907 and was opened in 1917 as a training facility for the U.S. Army National Guard during World War 1 and would later become the Iowa National Guard.

The site was originally used for training the Iowa Militia. Camp Dodge was named after Brigadier General Grenville M. Dodge who organized the Iowa National Guard in 1856.

Camp Dodge is also home to the Gold Star Museum.

Smells So Good But Makes Me Sneeze

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In Memory

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To Brighten The Day

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Long Trail Ahead

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Nice scenic walking trail to the lake

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