Columbus, Georgia

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View of Columbus from the Alabama side..


Road Trip

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You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

Driving the truck, taking as many backroads as possible seeing as much as I can. Although going by train might be fun once. Just to see what its like..

Hello Spring…..

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Your finally here!

You know how some songs just make you happy or sad or make you want to dance? Well the song I can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff is one of those songs for me. Every time I hear it, just makes me happy and makes me want to do a happy dance. So enjoy the day and enjoy a little Jimmy!

Birds of Paradise

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Follow The White Snowy Trail

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Ice Crystals

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The Adobe

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Follow The Road

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The Birch

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Early Thaw

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💕💘 Heart Day ❤💞

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Happy Valentines Day! Hope everyone has a wonderful day..

For those that usually go out and buy premade Heart cookies my sister shared a quick and easy alternative.

Easy Valentines Desert

1 Heart shape baking pan (could use any size)

1 Premade refrigerated chocolate cookie dough (or your favorite or mix and match)

Frosting (favorite one)


Break apart cookie dough and place around heart shaped pan leaving a little space in between each one. Bake according to package.

Let cool, once cooled add your frosting and sprinkles..


Down Home

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Eagles Have Landed

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I wasn’t as close as I would have liked to been but felt lucky enough to get the few shots I did. There were other young ones flying but stayed clear. I think they were after something in the field. But I love the sounds they make and the older one was rather vocal..

Icy Waters

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Squirrel For a Day

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I love watching these little ones. They are so full of life and are a source of endless amusement..

Monday Rewind

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One of My Favorite Views

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I always love this view when especially when it is snowy. Like walking into Narnia..

Frosty Lake

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Raccoon River Park

Finally Blue Skies

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One Day Later

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One day fog and dreary mist, next day wind and snow. And no I was not driving while taking photos…Im not that crazy…lol

More Fog

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It stuck around most of the morning, once it lifted left behind that fine mist and wind that chills you and doesnt go away.

Foggy Morning

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Blue Heron Lake

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I was not the first to check out the lake.

Hello 2023!

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Happy New Year!

Hard to imagine another year has gone by. Seems like the older I get the faster time goes by. And each year I tell myself the next one will be better. Sometimes it is and sometimes not so much.

But I hope this year is a healthy and happy one, filled with love and laughter. And we all achieve whatever goals we have set forth.

So Make the most of this year, dont look back, look forward, embrace all the good and truly do live life to the fullest….

To the Lake…

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We go. Beautiful sunny day…

Walking Time

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The trail I go on was a bit snowy. But its above freezing finally and just nice to get out.

Stay Away Snow

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Had more snow and I am ready for it to melt…

Through The Window

•December 26, 2022 • 3 Comments

Merry Christmas

•December 25, 2022 • 2 Comments

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday spent with those you love!

Before the Artic Blast

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Valley Junction. Wanted to get some with snow but it’s just been way to cold.

Des Moines River

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Fall in Des Moines

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Visited Des Moines in late fall to get a few shots of the city from different parks around the city. Some I had been to before and one was a new park. Great views though.

Last Tree for Fall

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Found this tree when I was cleaning memory card. I remember taking it but kept forgetting to retrieve it..

Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Hopefully plenty of good food. If not order pizza!

Reflections Are..

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Spent a little bit of time trying to take photos of water reflections. Some I like, some I’m on fence about and there are always some I’m not impressed with at all. But that’s ok, always room for improvement.


•November 21, 2022 • 2 Comments

Took these the night before the eclipse or the night of. Sadly I missed the eclipse thanks to this thing called sleeping.. But I did get these atleast, and I did have this plan of waking up for the eclipse but that didn’t work out so well.

I didn’t notice the visitor in the tree til later when I was going over the photos…

Beams of Light

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Snowy Pond

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First Snow Part 2

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Beautiful snow fall, first one of the season and probably not the last. I always like the first snow fall but then I’m over it. I have been on these trails before and never had an issue, but the snow did hide a few tripping hazards. I won’t say if they did me in or not. haha!

First Snow of the Season Pt 1

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Went out early this morning to check out the snow. Was beautiful to wander the woods, It was so silent and peaceful. More to come..

City Pond

•November 14, 2022 • 2 Comments

I see alot of people fishing here, but not sure if they ever catch anything.

Early Morning

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Bridge To?

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Down By The River

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So Long

•November 7, 2022 • 4 Comments

I think after this wet and rainy weekend the pretty fall colors will definetly be gone. And the trees will be bare..

Leaf It to Me

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Last of the Purple Flowers

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Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

image from Pixabay

Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31. It started with the ancient Celtic festival Samhain, where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward of ghosts. Pope Gregory the III made November 1 the time when all the Saints would be honored, Eventually All Saints Day as it was called combined some of the traditions of Samhain, and the night before became known as All Hollows Eve which later turned into Halloween.

Eventually Halloween turned into this big deal which included things like trick or treating, carving pumpkins, wearing costumes etc. Today it is very commerciaized to a point and is celebrated more for the costumes and candy eating I think. Oh and scaring the crap out of everyone…lol But thats just my opinion. I love Halloween.

The Celts who lived 2000 years ago in what is now Ireland, the UK and parts of France, celebrated their new year on November 1. It marked the end of summer and the Harvest and the beginning of Winter, a time they associated with death.

The Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred, which meant that the ghosts of the dead could return to earth and everyone could interact together. This was the night of October 31 and celebrated as Samhain, a pagan religious festival.

The following link gives you a look at Samhain, it’s history and myths associated with it. It includes tales of headless woman chasing people along with her pig. And headless men called Dullahan, simliar to what we think of when we talk about the Headless Horsemen. Remember him and Ichabod Crane, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? I do, it’s one of my favorite Halloween shows. The cartoon Disney version, not the movie one..

Another interesting read is about Jack o Lanterns and Stingy Jack.

When we look at the history of our celebrations today, where they came from and how they were originally celebrated it really is rather fascinating. But Halloween is a favorite and always will be.

So how ever you choose to celebrate this day, or not. I hope you have a wonderfully Spooky Halloween. stay safe, dont eat to much candy and stay to the light..

Happy Halloween!

win customize

Swamp Things Second Home

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I didn’t linger very long…. Saw footprints going in but none coming out…

Big Creek State Park

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Have a Seat

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Take in the View and sit a spell.

Time to Reflect

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Day of The Pelican

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For the last couple of years I have watched the Pelicans hanging out at Saylorville Lake. I kept telling myself I was going to make it to the other side of the lake where the majority of them would be whenever I was in the area. Finally made it there and got a few photos.

Not sure what the black ones are but see them alot with the Pelicans..

Wishful Thinking…

•October 25, 2022 • 2 Comments

Would be a great place for a little cabin surrounded by woods and a view of the pond. The area is full of wildlife, which would be amazing to see sitting out on the front porch.

Out with the Old

•October 24, 2022 • 5 Comments

Show me a farm that doesn’t have atleast 1 or 2 “retired” farm implements or farm related items somewhere around. But my dad asked me why I was taking pics of those old things. I’m thinking why The first pic is probably my favorite of the two though.

Lake Louise

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Welcome to another blog from Guest Tracey and her trip to Canada.

One morning we decided to get up early (4:50 early) to drive 45 minutes to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. It was recommended we leave early if we wanted to find a parking spot as the parking lots tend to fill up early. It’s a favorite spot for photographers to take sunrise photos at Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. We took a few shots but were eager to start hiking so we didn’t linger long.

We hiked the trails along the shores of Lake Louise, which is next to the Fairmont Chateau Hotel, and hiked 2.2 miles. We passed Mirror Lake and waterfalls on our way to the Agnes Tea House. The hike was amazing, and we were happy to make it to the tea house.

We did have to laugh though. Agnes Tea House is NOT Starbucks and a gentleman in front of us tried to order a fancy coffee for his girlfriend as the waitress looked at me like can’t he read the menu. The place is cash only with no running water. The workers stay in a cabin behind the tea house for 4 days hiking up the mountain carrying what supplies are needed and then returning.

The hike was not an easy one, but it was worth every minute.

Scarecrow Tree

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A few skeletons hanging from the branches and vultures perched on the limbs watching an waiting would complete this picture. But no such luck this day…Still a cool tree.

Farm Ponds

•October 21, 2022 • 2 Comments

Big Creek

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Started out cloudy but sun came out a bit by the time I left. But the lake was beautiful and the trees on one side of the lake were really colorful but not so much on the other. But it’s a good place to take a drive and check out some fall foliage or take a walk and have a picnic before it gets to much colder.

This park is located right out Polk City..

Beautiful Canadian Scenery

•October 20, 2022 • 2 Comments

From Guest blogger Tracey and their Canada Trip.

The views and surrounding area around Banff are beautiful, and we had an amazing time exploring and taking it all in.

Fall at the Farm

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It was still early in the season when I took these shots, the trees were starting to turn, and the grass had changed in some areas but not others.. Was still beautiful though. And I love going to the farm anyway whether it’s fall or spring.

Somebody’s Watching

•October 19, 2022 • 1 Comment

While I was out taking morning photos, I came around the bottom of a hill and snapped a pic and when I happened to look up, I noticed the buck in the fence line watching me. We didn’t watch each other long; think he was trying to figure out if I was something he needed to worry about before he took off.

But there was definitely something off about him. His head and neck have issues, but I couldn’t tell you what. Deer season is in a few months so it’s hard telling if he will make it through that or whatever issue he has going on will get him.

No matter what though, it’s always cool when your able to see them.

Tunnel of Terror & Haunted Trolley

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I had never heard of such a thing but my sister posted it on my facebook. Its a drive through car wash all decked out as a “haunted” house.

I dont know if I would do it, sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Lol They do have ocations in other states..

The event runs on October 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th in all locations except Grimes where it runs on October 28th through 31st.

Address: Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, 4035 1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, USA

Address: Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, 4420 Westdale Pkwy SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, USA

Address: Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, 4200 N Brady St, Davenport, IA 52806, USA

Address: Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, 2480 E 1st St, Grimes, IA 50111, USA

Address: Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, 444 Tiffany Dr, Mason City, IA 50401, USA

Address: Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, 3110 University Ave, Waterloo, IA 50701, USA

Tommy’s express
tommy’s express/facebook


Midwest Haunted Rails, a Halloween event with a ghost train, a haunted house, carnival rides, the only haunted trolley in Iowa. Mt Pleasant, Iowa

Midwest haunted rails
Midwest haunted rails

Flowers and Seeds

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Gondola Ride Sulphur Mountain

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Today we have another blog from Guest Blogger Tracey and their Canada Trip.

My husband and I took an 8-minute ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain. Talk about breathtaking views, they really were. The air was chilly and was drizzling a bit, but it was worth every minute. Everywhere you looked you could see Banff, mountains, rivers, just beautiful scenery in every direction.

At the top of the mountain you could grab a bite to eat at one of the three restaurants or take a walk around the boardwalk.

Pink Flamingo or Flamingo Feather?

•October 16, 2022 • 3 Comments

More flowers lol, but they are coming to an end..

But These have quickly become one of my favorites this fall. I love the color, especially against the blue sky. I think these are either Pink Flamingo or Flamingo Feather. If someone knows please correct me..

Flowers At the Fountain

•October 15, 2022 • 3 Comments

Ok so I dont show the fountain, but these are at Waterworks Park at the Fountain.

I enjoyed this park the last time I was there and wanted to see it and all the gorgeous flowers again. I figured why not before the season completely ended and they were all gone. Does give me ideas for my own garden next year, maybe. Looks like an awful lot of work lol.. It would be worth it tho if I did it correctly.

But if you are ever in Des Moines during this time of year definitely visit Water Works Park. It’s a beautiful 1500-acre park with loads of trails for biking, walking, hiking or even go for a drive through the park. And across the street is Grays Lake, another place to visit and go for a walk.

The parks are connected by a tunnel that goes under the street. It’s made getting from one place to the other alot easier if you dont feel like trying to drive from one to the other..

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

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Now that the weather is getting cooler it is time to get out the casserole, soups and all the comfort go to recipes you usually don’t eat during the summer months. Either cause it’s to warm or your just not in the mood for them.

Here lately it’s been getting chilly in the evenings and in another week or so it looks like the High for the day will only be in the 40’s. To me that just yells chili weather. And I am sure I will be making alot of that over the winter. But I also like Chicken and Noodles or Chicken Pot Pies. So i’m always trying to find a good pot pie recipe.

I managed to find one that I really like. It’s everything you would put in a pot pie but in a casserole with biscuits on top. There’s not alot of ingredients and it’s quick and takes very little time to put together.

First pic is after I have mixed it all up and before I put the biscuits on. Second is after it’s done. It taste even better than it looks. I did add a few things just to put my spin on it. But I will put the recipe below the photos for those interested.

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

2 cans mixed vegetables (any brand)

1 to 2 cans Cream of Chicken Soup (i use 2 otherwise it can be a bit dry once it cooks up and cools, it does thicken up)

1/4 cup milk ( i just put some milk in the cans to clean out the soup, but don’t overdo the milk)

Cooked chicken cut into bite size. (I used Rotisserie chicken and just shredded it, as much or as little as you like)

salt and pepper to taste or whatever other seasonings you want to use.

And biscuit mix, you can use any biscuits you want. I used the package biscuit mix on these. Just follow mix directions. Bisquick mix is also a good choice

Drain veggies and mix with the soup, chicken and seasonings. Place in sprayed casserole dish of your choice and place drop biscuits on top. Cook 25-30 minutes or til biscuits are done and everything is cooked and bubbly.


I add some sharp cheddar just to kind of make it a cheesy chicken casserole. But you can doctor this up anyway you want and use any combo of veggies you would like. I accidentally opened a can of beans so this batch did have green beans and it tasted fine.. There is never a right or wrong way. It is a rich casserole but good and so simple and easy.


About The Trees

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Sometimes you just can’t resist a group of trees all decked out in their finery. Fall is a beautiful time of year..

Hello Moon

•October 13, 2022 • 2 Comments

Took these this morning with my little Panasonic FZ18. Did not turn out to horrible but would have been better if I had been a bit steadier in holding the camera or used a tripod. In my defense it is chilly and windy out this morning…lol

Haunted Iowa

•October 13, 2022 • 7 Comments

Who loves a good Haunting? Not Me!

It’s the month for all things spooky, where things like to go bump in the night. But Who knew Iowa had so many scary or haunted places, or places claiming to be haunted? Some places you can spend the night or take part in ghost hunting or just a quick look and run.

I will spread this out in 2 blogs and if you have visited any of these or do visit any of the places mentioned let me know if you had any experiences with the spooky. I have tried to include links if possible or a little information if it could be found on locations etc.

Haunting at Farrah

Haunted school house where you can see shadowy people, hear voices, slamming doors, orbs. Can take a tour or spend the night.


Klondike Hotel

Flickering lights, eerie feelings, chairs rocking.

Historical society

Stony Hollow Road, Burlington Iowa

Tragic tale of a young woman jumping off a cliff because her intended who she was meeting up with never showed. Drivers near where she jumped say they have seen her and others say if you go to where she jumped and say her name she will appear. Motorist tend to avoid this area at night.

Malvern Manor

Noises, voices, being touched by ghosts.. fun times,

From malvern manor website

Apollo Schoolhouse

Was built on top of a cemetery, atleast they moved the bodies before it was built, claims of voices, shadowy figures, lights in windows.

Historical preservation

The Roseman Covered Bridge

Reports of muffled laughs or men yelling, some report the sounds of wagon wheels crossing the bridge, dogs hackles being raised and refusal to enter bridge and colds spots at the center where something can be seen..

Theres a few tales of men being possibly murdered and disappearing on the bridge upon entering. One was an escaped convict who was trapped on the bridge, the other was a younger man being meeting his girlfriend but was met by the disaproving father and his friends instead. The young man never made it off the bridge.

flickr/jimmy emerson, dvm

Periwinkle Place Manor

Believed to have been the first funeral home in Iowa. And I guess some say its so haunted you have to sign a waiver to stay. And they offer events such as a Murder and Mystery, which could be fun and ghost hunts.

People have reported dolls moving or watching them, seeing ghosts, feelings of someone sitting on beds, humming, footsteps. The website from the Manor, which I will include has videos. I didnt watch lol, but the place sounds cool. Does have a funeral home theme tho.



Little Bit Buggy

•October 12, 2022 • 5 Comments

Thankfully they were more interested in the flowers then they were me walking around.

End of Season is Near

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The leaves are changing colors, fruit is falling off trees, flowers are dying. Everything at some point comes to an end.

Down at The Farm

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Time for Lunch

•October 10, 2022 • 6 Comments

Caught this guy, or girl, fishing for lunch. I was very lucky to get the shots I did, he didnt seem bothered I was watching. I even managed to get a shot of it catching a fish. I kept waiting for it to fly away but thankfully it stayed where it was. So yeah I was a bit happy to be able to sit and watch it for a bit.

Simon and Asthma

•October 9, 2022 • 4 Comments

Who knew that cats could get Asthma? I sure didn’t, but then it shouldn’t have surprised me. Our fur babies get a lot of the same things we do. So why shouldn’t this be any different? It’s an issue though that causes him problems and all I can do is try my best to help him.

Simon is my trash can baby lol. I can say that cause he was really born in a trash can along with his sister. His mom was a feral kitten who showed up during a storm one night and ended up staying. As she, Laney got older, I was determined to tame her. Once she ended up pregnant it was easier to do, I think she wanted to be taken in and cared for. So, after she had her kittens, I got her in the house and went from there. The babies were easy to love on and pet compared to momma at first. She was a handful but worth it all.

Simon is around 7 or 8 now, and of Course couldnt let Brady get all the attention. He is the needy boy that craves attention and has no boundaries. He is not shy about demanding affection or letting you know it is Simon time and will lay all over you to get it. He is also the sweetest and loves to cuddle and give his version of hugs.

But Simon started coughing and throwing up, not alot but enough, and not all the time. I figured it was allergies, hairballs or maybe a bit of a cold and sometimes certain foods upset his tummy. But the cough never went away. Some days he would cough maybe once, other days it was a few times a day.

Took him to vet they took x-rays and saw spotting on his lungs, they said It was Asthma. Was the last thing I wanted or expected to hear. But not much I could do except do what needed to be done for him.

Right now, he’s on a steroid shot every few months depending on how bad he is or once cough starts back up he gets one. He goes back in before long to see if he needs a new treatment plan. So they will do bloodwork to see if the shots are having any damaging side effects and to make sure everything else is ok. There are other options besides the shot but all are expensive up to $300 monthly from what I understand. I have purchased air purifiers to hopefully help with any nasty in the air and I have noticed when it’s going he seems to have less issues.

You just never know what sets him to coughing. Change in weather can set him off, stress or anxiety. Sometimes you just dont know but all you can do is watch and be prepared.

I joined a facebook group and have learned alot. He can be basically treated with the same type of meds that we use depending on the severity. And people suggest changing liters, not using air freshners, changing foods etc. The list goes on.

Between Simon and Brady it can be overwhelming at times.

So please wish us luck in our Asthma journey and a few prayers wouldnt hurt either!

Brady and Kidney Disease

•October 8, 2022 • 8 Comments

This is my boy Brady. He is the oldest at 13 and was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. He had been not eating well, peeing in a box that was not his liter box, sleeping all the time, was not coming to me to sleep where he normally would or acting right. So off to the vet we went. Not great news.

The above is a good site to visit that explains what Feline Kidney Disease is, causes, treatments, signs etc.

It’s generally seen in cats older than 7 and is a progressive disease. Depending on the progression rate, he could be with me for years to come or just a few more months. It is heartbreaking and every day I have with him i’m thankful. But I am determined to have years left with him!

Sadly there is really not alot that can be done, change of his diet which will help, make sure he is eating, drinking, normal potty habits. and I have joined a support group on Facebook to get advice and support from others dealing with the same thing. They have provided alot of info, especially on food that is K/D friendly.

He is having good days right now, he is eating, he is interacting with me like normal, he has been more energetic and awake alot more.. He is eating Hills K/D Mobility dry which he loves but does not like their can food so we will be trying different ones and he was on an antibiotic for about 10 days.

He can just be picky when it comes to can food so that will be alot of process of elimination and hopefully find some he likes. Bad thing is the food is not easy on the pocket book, its all prescription.

He will be going back to the vet for a full bloodwork panel so we can check and see if theres any changes and to check his phosphorous levels as those need to be watched. Still hoping he just had an infection and the diagnosis wad wrong. But no matter what he is still getting older and his care has to change a bit.

So Please keep us, especially Brady in your prayers…..It would be appreciated, Thanks. And if your pets are acting off in any way, dont hesitate in getting them help.

Canada Private Safari and Bike Tour

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Welcome to another blog from Guest blogger Tracey and her trip to Canada.

While my husband and I never take tours on vacation, we booked two on our trip to Banff and we were not disappointed in either one.

On a beautiful evening we took a 2 1/2-hour private safari. We were not lucky enough to see any bears or a ton of other animals but we did see a lot of Elk, deer, birds and of course beautiful scenery. We learned alot and had the nicest guide who made the tour so much fun.

Our second tour was a bike/hike tour starting in Banff. We hit the trails headed to the Bow Valley Parkway onto Johnston Canyon. The park closes the parkway to vehicles twice a year in the month of May and September.

We saw breathtaking views and rode over 20 miles one way. We then walked the Johnston Canyon to the waterfalls. And they were gorgeous.

If you have ever thought about a guided tour but wasn’t sure you wanted to take the risk, we highly recommend it. You will not regret it.

Overall, it was a fantastic adventure one we were definitely glad we did.

Last Farmers Market

•October 6, 2022 • 2 Comments

Went to the farmers market, was a bit early so I could avoid the crowds and get a few pics before everyone crowded around looking at everything. Some were still setting up, but I was able to see what they had and could smell the goodness that was coming from the food trucks and the homemade goodies. There was going to be live music later on in the evening, but I didn’t stick around for that, but I can usually hear it at the house if the windows are open.

There weren’t as many vendors as I thought there would be, there were still quite a few and there was a wide selection to choose from depending on what you wanted, but still worth a trip. The vegetables looked amazing and were huge. The bread smelled good and ok, so I did get some bread. I couldn’t resist, and I was correct, it was delicious and so fresh. Much better than any store or what I could make. There were several food trucks to choose from, Asian, Mexican, tenderloins, which in Iowa thats like a staple and more. And something called Bubble Tea that I had never heard of before. The lady tried explaining but ended up saying it had lots of bubbles.

I am glad I went though, especially since I had been telling myself all summer I should. It was a good time, the weather was almost perfect, got some bread, chatted with some vendors, had a few samples, which the coffee cakes, tastes even better than they look.

Next year I will have to go more often.

Nothing Says Fall Like

•October 5, 2022 • 3 Comments

Pumpkins, Mums and other fall flowers , they just go together. Ok maybe the lumpy pumpkins are something I can live without seeing again, but they were interesting. lol

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