Time to Harvest

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Nothing says fall more….Getting close….


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When it comes to my Art, no matter what form it is, I am extremely hard on myself and theres that voice inside your head that pretty much tells you its not that good or it sucks. And we all have our own styles or ways of doing things. But I have been wanting to break away from my comfort zone. Well that means shading. Ugh and more Ugh. Shading is a migraine waiting to happen for me, if i could blow up shading I would lol

I understand shading, but my brain to hand takes a detour and heads to who knows where and myattempts usually fail miserably orI get part of it and then mh light direction is all over. So yeah joyous times.. And as you know i have been doing trees, cause I do like trees. And i was with my friend today, who is an artist, thats been helping me and pushing me along. and I showed her my trees and………

Nailed It!!! High fives all around, ok there was only the 2 of us, but still…I finally got shading. There was that little glow inside that lets you know that you should be proud of yourself and you dont totally suck..

Now the hard part will be keeping it up and putting it all together in a scene and nailing it.

But i wont give up….

A Few More

•September 8, 2021 • 2 Comments

Heres a few more drawings, they need cleaned up a bit more and some tweaking but its a start as usual..

I do like trees

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i have been trying to practing on my trees trying to improve their looks…

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