Pretty in Pink

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Lovely Pink Flower

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Waiting on the Moon

•May 15, 2022 • 3 Comments

It is a gorgeous cool evening, was perfect for sitting at the lake and waiting on the Eclipse of the Moon. I got to the lake early so i could, fingers crossed, get a good spot, which i did. There was a couple parked in front of me that were also there to view the Eclipse, super nice, we chatted a bit wished each other good luck and then they went off to do their thing.

Its a pretty little lake with a nice paved walking trail that many were taking advantage of. As the time went by more people started showing up. Some really nice and some that were not so friendly. Which I did witness and was warned to avoid. Needless to say I didnt linger on the dock long and went to a different location. One where there was less light and other distractions. But then I started creeping myself out thinking, ya know it really is dark and anyone could sneak up. LOL, being female, parked out in the dark it is a valid concern. So I took a few more shots and called it a night.

I was kind of suprised by the tailgate parties and the little clusters of people out watching and waiting. But who can blame them for getting out of the house on such a nice night. They were all laughing and talking and having a good time.

I hopefully got a few good shots, and will find out tomorrow when I go through them. I do know there were some epic fails so I will just pretend those do not exist.

But here’s a shot of the lake from my phone as I was waiting.

Have a wonderful peace filled night!

New Hike Today

•May 14, 2022 • 5 Comments

Doggy and I went to a new park today for our walk. Its a heavily wooded with lots of paths through the woods for hikers and bikers and a paved path for a smoother walk. We chose the woods, the trails are smooth and well worn but alot of up and down. We were both hot and ready to hit some AC once done.

Beautiful Day

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Since most of the week has been hot (90’s high/dew points 70’s) it was nice to wake up to what May should feel like. Cool! Granted i would still prefer 60’s with a cool breeze year round. But today I will take it and enjoy. So we got out for a walk to enjoy some fresh air. Think the dog enjoyed it more than I did though..

Raccoon River

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Levels are high from all the Rain.

Water Works Park

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Des Moines, Iowa

Trees a Blooming

•May 9, 2022 • 2 Comments

Still a bit overcast but beautiful morning. Sun was out more by the time I left.

Historic Valley Junction, Iowa

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Valley Junction is a nice place to spend some time browsing the shops or stopping by one of the many bars and resturants for a bite to eat. And with over 30 specialty stores, your bound to find something to take home, whether its fudge or some suprise treasure, did I mention the fudge yet?. There is also events held throughout the year, Farmers Markets, car shows, Jingle in the junction, the list goes on…So stop by for an afternoon.

Click on the link below for a little Valley Junction History.

Random Landscapes

•May 6, 2022 • 1 Comment

I was cleaning off memory cards and found a few that I had forgotten for whatever reason.

Whats the Saying about Woodchucks

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How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

It really is a tongue twister at times, and for some reason it’s always in my head when I see this little thing. I can’t ever get close enough to get decent photos, it’s very skittish and when it hears the click of the door opening it’s back to its hiding place. But I still like seeing it and it’s friend when they come out. So more often than not I watch from the window or if I happen to be outside I just watch quietly so as not to disturb them.

Blue Skies

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Smiling at me……..Finally saw some sun and blue skies. But it is already going away..

Was nice while it lasted.

May Flowers

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Just a few flowers from around town. Will be nice to get out and take pics once the sun finally comes out!

Pella Iowa Tulip Festival

•May 4, 2022 • 1 Comment

Its that time of year again. So if your in Iowa or close enough, get your walking shoes and camera ready! Also your Appetite!

You do have to pay but it is worth it, and Pella is a good place to visit even on a regular day. And besides who does not love Tulips and Dutch Letters?

Morning Walk

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Since it wasn’t raining decided to take the dog to the park for a walk, was a nice change of scenery from where we had been going. The park is heavily wooded with dirt trails heading off into the woods, but main trail into the park is paved. Not sure how far or where all it goes, but the trails are well worn and are used frequently. There is also a disc golf course along the outer edges off the park.

No Longer Needed?

•May 2, 2022 • 3 Comments

After this chilly rainy weekend I am starting to wonder. It’s another dreary chilly start to the day and it’s May 2nd. I should’nt complain since I know by June I will be complaining it’s hot. But you know it is chilly and damp when even the cats are hogging the heating vents or wont come out from under the pile of blankets they have burrowed into. Oh well, it will get better, Right?

Happy Monday everyone! Have a safe and Wonderful Day!

May Day, do you celebrate?

•May 1, 2022 • 2 Comments

I wish I could say it was a beautiful sunny mild day. But i cant. Its been overcast for days, bordering on cold with high winds that just keep blowing. Granted stormy skies are beautiful in their own way. But I want to plants flowers and open windows. And even tho i am not a sun worshipper, I DO need to see the sun once in awhile for longer than 5 minutes. I know by mid summer i will be wishing for cool breezes and milder temps, but for now i will settle for atleast 60 degrees lol..

But I can’t remember if we have ever had any traditional May day celebrations in my family, I know its more of a European thing and they have celebrations. And I know we have done May day baskets, but other than that i am not sure if the States acknowledge it.

Anyone celebrate it in any way, would love to know.

Have a Happy first day of May!

Faithful Sidekick

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Charlie even though he is getting older, still likes to get out and go on adventures.

Silky Cotton Weed

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I think these are a cotton weed but not sure if thats the correct term for them. But they always remind me of silky cotton.

Faded with Time

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Taking Flight

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This Herring was startled into flight by a family with a dog that was walking down to the shore. I got a few shots but not as many as I would have liked.

Cats Do Rule

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Most anyone who knows me, knows that I like cats, some call me the crazy cat lady. Im not that crazy, but I do love my cats. When times are crazy, or im feeling down or stressed they are there. Unconditional love and acceptance. They make me laugh, cry, they annoy me, but I can always count on them to put a smile on my face. And they are always at the door when I get home, just waiting.

I hate when i hear stories about animals being abused, or kittens tossed away. It makes me want to save them all but I can’t. But it also makes me cuddle mine a little bit more and appreciate them more. As i write this they are all snuggled in their favorite spots, waiting for their end of the day treat.

If you have pets, doesnt matter what kind, cuddle them a bit more and feel blessed to have them in your life. They deserve nothing but the best from us.

Windy Sunday

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Sometimes I think these really windy days are our new reality, but thats ok. Was still a beautiful day to get out and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. These are from my phone, I had my cameras, just have not had a chance to go through them all yet. But there was a little bit of everything. Eagles, herrings, Pelicans, Ducks. Most were flying around or to far away. Those will be on the cameras.

Winter Wont Let Go

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Winter just keeps trying to hang on. Took a couple shots on my way home from time with family. Even tho weather wasn’t the best it was good to spend time with loved ones.

Art Class Day

•January 29, 2022 • 2 Comments

Today was painting day, still getting the hang of techniques and holding the brushes etc. But it was a fun class with a great group of people who did amazing jobs on their beach scenes. Me well, I am my own worst critique… But here is the finished painting..

Tracks… or deer?

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Try a combo, neighborhood kids making use of the hill and the dozen or so deer that like to wander around the yard. It is gorgeous out tho with that blue sky and blanket of white snow..

The Dig Out Begins!

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We got over a foot of snow yesterday, weather man said we were below normal snow totals but I am pretty sure we made up for it in a day….Cant remember the last time we got this much snow. Its beautiful and peaceful to look at, but cant say the digging out part is a joy.. Thanks Mother Nature!

Turned Out Pretty Good

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Atleast I think so……

I did some art for my sisters for Christmas. I forgot to take final photos but had my sis take photos of one I did for her. I think they turned out nice, and look great framed…

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