Last Farmers Market

•October 6, 2022 • 2 Comments

Went to the farmers market, was a bit early so I could avoid the crowds and get a few pics before everyone crowded around looking at everything. Some were still setting up, but I was able to see what they had and could smell the goodness that was coming from the food trucks and the homemade goodies. There was going to be live music later on in the evening, but I didn’t stick around for that, but I can usually hear it at the house if the windows are open.

There weren’t as many vendors as I thought there would be, there were still quite a few and there was a wide selection to choose from depending on what you wanted, but still worth a trip. The vegetables looked amazing and were huge. The bread smelled good and ok, so I did get some bread. I couldn’t resist, and I was correct, it was delicious and so fresh. Much better than any store or what I could make. There were several food trucks to choose from, Asian, Mexican, tenderloins, which in Iowa thats like a staple and more. And something called Bubble Tea that I had never heard of before. The lady tried explaining but ended up saying it had lots of bubbles.

I am glad I went though, especially since I had been telling myself all summer I should. It was a good time, the weather was almost perfect, got some bread, chatted with some vendors, had a few samples, which the coffee cakes, tastes even better than they look.

Next year I will have to go more often.


Nothing Says Fall Like

•October 5, 2022 • 3 Comments

Pumpkins, Mums and other fall flowers , they just go together. Ok maybe the lumpy pumpkins are something I can live without seeing again, but they were interesting. lol

Can’t Resist the Flowers

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Even though I am happy summer is over I will miss seeing all the pretty flowers. I took a last trip to see the flowers before they were gone, I couldn’t resist that last look.

Gorgeous Fall Day

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I love a blue blue sky with white clouds. Took puppy dog to the park and spent a little time walking around and enjoying the day. The leaves were just starting to turn.

Lets Go to Canada

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Hi, this will be my first guest blog from Tracey, you will probably see a few from her this month, I am hoping to convince her to start up one of her own….Thanks Tracey for letting me rope you in!


Recently my husband and I returned from Banff, Alberta Canada. It was our second trip there and hopefully not our last to the area. Its a gorgeous place to visit and we would recommend everyone visit Banff.

While there, we stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, a wonderful place to stay with amazing views. We found plenty to do in our 5 day stay. Hiking, biking, private safari tour, a bike tour, walking around town and even went on a gondola ride. We also found time to visit a farmers market in Canmore. Needless to say there was alot packed in those 5 days.

This will be the first blog of our trip..

Our Hotel and Banff

Hello Blogtober, You Will Be My First..

•October 1, 2022 • 6 Comments

Blogtober has arrived. This will be my first year trying it, which I have been looking forward to, so hopefully it goes as planned.. I will be stepping away from my normal on occasion and will blog about things I am dealing with as a pet owner and of course there will be plenty of photos. I will even have a guest blogger posting at different times on their trip to Canada.

I am looking forward to my first ever Blogtober so hopefully it works out and, and if you can send a bit of luck my way that might be needed.

Good Luck to all and Happy Blogging!

Trees Around the Park

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Took a few pics of the trees at the local city park on way home.

Leaf Peeping

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These are from previous years but going out this week to start snapping away. I am looking forward to it thats for sure. Was out running an errand today and kept noticing the changing leaves. It looks like it might be a colorful year. Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday…

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Hope everyone has a great day!

Stay safe and Happy….

First Day of Fall

•September 22, 2022 • 4 Comments

And what a perfect way to start. Cool temps, crispness to the air and that earthy fall smell. Fall, followed by Spring is by far my favorite time of year. I mean the colors alone, but the cooler temps after a long hot summer, everything pumpkin, the smells, the great sleeping weather. And finally being able to open the windows and not be blasted by hot air.

I just love Fall and everything it brings with it.

The leaves are showing signs of changing…


•September 21, 2022 • 2 Comments

Just walked outside and actually went brr, its a bit chilly. Its been rainy and it cooled things down alot. Felt good tho, especially after yesterday being so hot. Im hoping yesterday was the last of the heat, I am ready for more weather like this. And it just might be time to break out the cocoa..

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening..

Photo by Pixabay on

Old With Time

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Blogtober, Do or Die Trying!

•September 19, 2022 • 3 Comments
Clipart courtesy of not me, but will get name soon..

Recently I came across blogs mentioning a thing called Blogtober, I was like what is that? So i started looking around and found out it was an “Event” for the month of October where you post a blog EVERY DAY for the ENTIRE MONTH.

Well we all know how much of a challenge that can be at times. But one thing that everyone seems to agree on, is plan plan plan. I think I am a bit behind in the planning department, but thats ok. Blogs can be anything it seems, fall related, spooky related, anything related or a combination of things.

So I am going to take the plunge and do my first ever Blogtober. I already have some ideas, and they may be outside my normal post, so we will see how that goes.

If you havent ever tried Blogtober, join me and if you have please feel free to share any tkps or give advice. Either way, starting October 1st I will be (fingers crossed) posting a blog every day for the entire month.

And did I mention theres a Blogmas also?? More to come later on that…So please join me and check in regularly to see whats going on..

Have a great day everyone…Stay safe and Happy


Stormy Iowa Day

•September 17, 2022 • 1 Comment

Stormy Day here, we have had thunderstorms off and on since this morning with heavy rains and a bit of hail thrown in. Im ok with the day, its not exactly chilly, but its a good day to curl up with a book and hot chocolate. Which is what I plan to do later along with having a dog glued to me. She is not a fan of storms. But the leaves are slowly turning, I saw a tree this morning that was showing signs of turning orange, I cant wait for the rest to start turning.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday…stay safe and be happy!

Walk Around The Fountain

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Was a beautiful day to get out and walk around the park.

Flowers Galore

•September 14, 2022 • 9 Comments

Beautiful day at Waterworks Park, Des Moines.

Over The Edge

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Caught these two flying so sat and watched awhile. Didn’t have my Nikons so I didn’t get as good of shots as I would have liked. But it was a beautiful day for flying and just being out enjoying the day. I just wouldn’t have been hanging over the edge like these guys were. Nope.


•September 12, 2022 • 2 Comments

Came across a few butterflies on a trip to a park.

Feast Fit For Bugs

•September 9, 2022 • 2 Comments

And whatever else wants a snack.

Early Evening

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Great evening to get out and get a few pics..

Country Sunsets

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After The Storm

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Love The Sunflowers

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Almost Made Me Sneeze

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Fall Is In the Air….

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Hope so….Felt a little bit like fall on this day and I loved it

To Keep Or…..

•August 24, 2022 • 2 Comments

Not? Thats the question of the day. Im just trying to decide if I should weed out a few, and figure out which ones I will use and which ones I doubt I will use again.

Today I used a Panasonic FZ18. I had been on the fence about this one, last time I turned it on it kept telling me to remove the lens cap, which was not on. Today I turned it on and it was fine so I charged the battery put it back in and ugh same message. Did a bit of research and got that figured out so all is well with it.

I loved this camera, it was used regularly forever ago when I first got it. And it was always reliable and I never had any issues with it til the lens cap thing which I did figure out.

So I am posting a few pics from today, mostly unedited, did a few edits on a couple to take some people out, Other wise they are untouched.

What do you think? Is image quality still good enough to justify keeping the camera or culling it from use? I am leaning towards keeping it to use for blog photos.

Hope all is well with everyone!!

Misty Day

•August 23, 2022 • 2 Comments

If it had been about 10 degrees cooler it would have been perfect.. But still loved the morning.

Fluffy Cloud Day

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•August 15, 2022 • 3 Comments

Were not to perky the day we went. @ Badger Creek..

One Shot Morning

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My plan for taking a few morning shots of downtown did not pan out but I did get one..I was stopped when I took it..

It ‘s Good being Pretty

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Canyons of New Mexico

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•August 9, 2022 • 1 Comment

Time for Flowers….

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Even when it’s HOT HOT out…

German Countryside

•August 5, 2022 • 2 Comments

Cloudcroft New Mexico

•August 3, 2022 • 2 Comments

This area is right before you arrive in the mountain town of Cloudcroft. It’s a great place for hiking and taking in the views. There are all sorts of trails and some will definetly give you a workout depending on where you go. There is a building by the parking area that was always lined with hummingbird feeders and you could hear them zipping through the trees. Also provided a place you could take a break before or after your hike to watch them feed.

Its Gonna Be A HOT One

•August 2, 2022 • 2 Comments

Hot weather does not make me giddy with excitement or joy. Instead i dread it…The heat, the humidity, hair plastered to your neck or forehead. That feeling of needing a shower the second you walk about the door. Whats to love about that?!? lol

I always think every time I drive by this little grove, how cool and refreshing and inviting it looks. I don’t know why I think that but do, especially in the fall. But I think today I would even boil in there…

So yesterday I ran my errands, stocked up on fruit and cool fruity drinks and today I am going to hide in the AC and the dogs will just have to survive not going to a park for a walk.

So stay cool, take care of any outdoor pets or animals with plenty of water and lets hope that August doesn’t give us more days like today..

Dog Canyon

•August 1, 2022 • 1 Comment

Why it is called that I couldn’t tell ya. But it’s a beautiful place in it’s own way.

Butterflies are A Favorite

•July 29, 2022 • 2 Comments

Is it Iowa?

•July 27, 2022 • 2 Comments

Nope, it’s Kansas. I get a lot of grief for liking the back roads, and this view is one of the reasons why. You can’t stop and take a picture on the interstate, you don’t always notice the beauty of the state your driving through and you never know what you might find in some off the beaten path or some hole in the wall town you never heard of if you always choose the fastest route.

So once in awhile, it just might be worth it to take a back road…..Who knows what you will find..

White Sands, New Mexico

•July 26, 2022 • 2 Comments

A mix of different years of White Sands. It is always a favorite place to visit, any time of the year. Unless there is a dust storm moving through then you might not want to be there. Worth a visit and stop at the gift shop at the entrance if you are ever in the area..

Located outside Alamogordo, New Mexico

A River Runs Through It

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Scouting for Fall Photo Locations

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It was a bit overcast and dreary but went to a location I hadn’t been in awhile. Looks like they have done alot of cleaning up and it looks good. Plenty of trails for hiking, biking and walking with the family. And I did see a few people fishing. Definetly be a good place for fall photos if we have a good season this year.

Spring Flowers

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My First Failed Attempt

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This was my first attempt, forever ago, at trying to photograph jumping or dressage. This shoot was a total fail for the most part, I was trying to figure out settings etc and with action you know you just can’t say excuse me can you do that over for me, or wait a second while I figure out what I am doing. lol. So I was pretty clueless.

I love horses and would like to find events close by where I can go and try it again. And hopefully have better luck at it. This was somewhere in Germany, I came across them alot, but not so much in Iowa.

But the horses were gorgeous so it was worth it just being able to see them all in action doing what they love to do.


•July 19, 2022 • 1 Comment

I could look at every day.

Winters in New Mexico

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I have been going through, finally, some of my photos and looking for ones that I knew I had but just was not sure as to their location. Some are still on an old hard drive that I need to go through. But I will be putting up some new and old photos.

Winters in New Mexico were fairly decent where I lived. We got snow but it generally never lasted for very long. When it did snow it was always a treat. Behind my house it was open desert so the dogs and I would go out for our walks. They loved it and enjoyed exploring and by the time we were done we were all usually tired.

The desert was full of critters and creatures that thankfully we never ran across. But at night we could hear the coyotes singing their songs.

Mile Long

•July 18, 2022 • 2 Comments

Called The Mile Long Bridge over Saylorville Lake

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Just Down the Road

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At The Lake

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Thanks Birds

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I didnt plant any of these, but neighbor across the street has them. So I am sure the birds are spreading the joy..

Other Side of the Bridge

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Pretty Morning

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Took a quick pic while I was out this morning, so ignore the power lines….But it was a pretty morning that started out cool but then a brief shower moved thru and took the dew point up to 70. Ugh

Saturday Morning

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Around Des Moines

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Enjoy some pics from around downtown Des Moines, Iowa


•June 29, 2022 • 1 Comment

What could make this better……A large shady umbrella and a nice cool drink!

Who wouldn’t want to spend a lazy afternoon here?


Country Weekend

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Total Eclipse

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These from a previous year turned out better than my attempt this year..


Greenwood Park

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A Few From Different States

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Fixed an old post whose photos for some reason were the size of thumbnails. Figured it would be nice to actually see what they were..

Farm Field1
White Sands, New Mexico
New Mexico
New Mexico

New Mexico

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I lived in New Mexico off and on for Several years.  Took awhile for the place to grow on me, but I eventually found the beauty there…

Basin View

Is it Fall Yet?

•June 24, 2022 • 1 Comment

I am wishing it was fall already..

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Sometimes I do Like the Snow

•June 22, 2022 • 2 Comments

It’s a repost, but it has been so hot I wanted to look at something cool..

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Almost 9 Years

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Its hard to believe I have had a Blog here for almost 9 years. When I first started posting for whatever reason, my photos were small and thumbnail size and i didnt post on a very regular basis. Back when I started Wordpess was alot different, not as many options on anything and my knowledge on how anything worked was limited. So I will be going through and cleaning up a bit. Fixing photo sizes where I can etc and Reposting certain Posts along with adding new content.

Hope you all stick with me as I continue my blogging journey.

Have a wonderful and safe day!

Couple Favorites from New Mexico

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When I first got to New Mexico I didn’t think I would ever find anything to like about there area I lived in, but if you look you eventually find something that just might catch your eye.  I learned to find the beauty in a landscape I wasn’t used to….

Desert Retreat
Miles to Go
Canyon View

Broken Down Fence

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I ended up adding some shrubs and tree to this one, but i like this simple version.

My Eyes Need Work

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Weed, Flower, whatever it Wants To Be

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Ever Changing Skies

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Went from one to the other in a short time..

Drawing Week

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Forest Barn

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Barn needs a few tweaks, already made a few after this one..

Practice Practice Practice

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That one word covers almost anything you do, no matter what it is.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that one, this i’m finding out today is not always true. Practice does not always make perfect. Sometimes I practice shapes because im not that good at them individually. Circles don’t like me, especially today.

So I have a book with exercise and one was a grouping of circles that I liked. Seems like the more I draw circles the worse I get. I start over thinking then I get frustrated. I have one group thats decent but has flaws.

Sometimes I do a drawing, take a photo which shows me how much it sucks then i make notes. This is the start of that.

This coming week is going to be hot hot so I will probably be posting drawings..

Have a good weekend!

Dark and Rainy afternoon

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Quick Trip to Lake

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Where the Buffalo Don’t Roam

•June 7, 2022 • 1 Comment

I took a short drive thinking I would go see the baby Buffalo. What I saw was dark spots waaaay off in the distance where ya couldn’t drive or walk. Walking would definetly be bad, there are signs that say “stay in vehicle at all times, buffalo are wild and unpredictable” or close to that. Not like I wanted to go tromping through bug and tick infested grass anyway. Not that I know if ticks are out yet, but you know theres bug or worse, snakes!

Granted I went during the warm part of the day when the herd is out in the trees where I am sure it was cool and shady. So that is on me, but I am still a bit disappointed. There will be another day tho.

View From the Hill

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I think our city had a purple theme going on this year. But thats ok cause I like the color, and it was all very pretty. It was a gorgeous day to get out and enjoy our Capital. Des Moines, Iowa