Give Me Some Trees

•October 16, 2021 • 1 Comment

Down By the Lakeshore

•October 16, 2021 • 4 Comments

Pear, Maybe?

•October 9, 2021 • 4 Comments

Lastnight I had my first oil/acrylic painting class. I have never used oil before but I ended up liking it.

I will admit I was a bit nervous about going as i’m used to pencil and how I do things but it doesn’t hurt to go outside your comfort zone and try something different and I am glad I did. I did mess up a bit but it’s a learning process so I can’t complain to much. Im sure I will go again and will improve. So hopefully my pear atleast looks like a pear…

It was fun though, good company, lots of laughter, food, drinks and even made new friends. So overall a good evening..


•October 7, 2021 • 5 Comments

Why is it cats, or pets in general, dislike when their humans are reading? Doesnt matter what it is, books, newspapers, magazines etc, especially if it interferes with their habits. They feel the need to make their presence known.. I finally gave up since I was clearly interferring in her nightly bedtime routine…

A Bit Bugged

•October 6, 2021 • 2 Comments

Color Me Purple

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Little Bit Country

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Raindrops on Petals

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And So It Continues….

•September 30, 2021 • 2 Comments

Even tho im disliking my farm scene,(still kind of am) I came back to it. I think i have it where I want it just need to clean it up and finish it…

This Happens

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This is what happens when you start doodling at an angle..I Started out liking it but now im not thrilled with it and I dont know if i should bother finishing it.. It just might hit the junk pile, which has been growing lately…

Winter Past

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One of my favorite things to do last winter was watch this herd of deer. There was maybe a dozen or so, sometimes they were all out at once other times just a few. Or they were all out but half were in the trees while others were out in the open. They got used to me sitting out on the deck watching them as long as I didn’t make any sudden moves. So most times I didn’t even try to take photos, instead just choosing to watch them eat, sleep and play.

Time to Harvest

•September 14, 2021 • 2 Comments

Nothing says fall more….Getting close….

A Few More

•September 8, 2021 • 2 Comments

Heres a few more drawings, they need cleaned up a bit more and some tweaking but its a start as usual..

I do like trees

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I have been practicing on my trees, trying to improve their looks…

Garden Irises

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•June 19, 2021 • 2 Comments

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Cloudy Afternoon

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Cant Just Pick One

•April 29, 2021 • 5 Comments

So why bother trying….no I didnt buy all these lol! But i did get to many like I do every year..

Country Fence 2

•October 21, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Here is Fence number 2, Rough Draft, in the fence series im doing..Def not finished but a good start I think.

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