About Me

Hi, Welcome to my little slice of the Blogging World.

Art takes shape in many forms whether its painting, drawing, photography etc. For me, its Photography and Drawing. I have always loved Art, I would and still do, draw on anything I can get my hands on, paper, napkins whatever is handy. I was mostly always drawing little farm scenes, flowers or just doodling.

These days I try to take my art a bit more seriously and put more thought into what I am drawing and how I am doing it. I do have a certain style, I tend to use bold lines and Im deliberate in how I draw, tho I often overthink what I am doing which can screw me up and then whatever I am doing ends up not quite right.

I am trying to be better about that, trying to soften my lines so they are not so in your face, learning shading, which yeah can be a struggle, making things look more realistic isnt all that easy. Just trying to be better all around. So every day I try to improve and also add new things to draw or new techniques to figure out. Sometimes my efforts are huge failures other times its wow, I think I got it. Which that one is rare lol..

My other Art form is Photography. My first serious camera that I took every where with me was a Nikon I bought from my brother. I couldn’t even tell you how old I was now, but I always had it woth me and took pictures of everything. Since then I have only owned Nikon or Panasonic cameras and moved from film to digital. I still love the smell of film though.

As with Drawing, I try to improve. Some days my efforts make me happy, some days I am like really, what was I thinking with that shot. But even on those days Photography brings me a bit of peace in this crazy world, as does drawing. I can just shut out the noise of everything else.

Each time I pick up a pencil or my camera I try to do better then the last time and hopefully I keep improving and I have more good days then the days where I think I should have stayed asleep.. lol

But thank you for taking time out of your day to visit. Stay safe and Happy,


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