Haunted Iowa

Who loves a good Haunting? Not Me!

It’s the month for all things spooky, where things like to go bump in the night. But Who knew Iowa had so many scary or haunted places, or places claiming to be haunted? Some places you can spend the night or take part in ghost hunting or just a quick look and run.

I will spread this out in 2 blogs and if you have visited any of these or do visit any of the places mentioned let me know if you had any experiences with the spooky. I have tried to include links if possible or a little information if it could be found on locations etc.

Haunting at Farrah

Haunted school house where you can see shadowy people, hear voices, slamming doors, orbs. Can take a tour or spend the night.



Klondike Hotel

Flickering lights, eerie feelings, chairs rocking.



Historical society

Stony Hollow Road, Burlington Iowa

Tragic tale of a young woman jumping off a cliff because her intended who she was meeting up with never showed. Drivers near where she jumped say they have seen her and others say if you go to where she jumped and say her name she will appear. Motorist tend to avoid this area at night.


Malvern Manor

Noises, voices, being touched by ghosts.. fun times,



From malvern manor website

Apollo Schoolhouse

Was built on top of a cemetery, atleast they moved the bodies before it was built, claims of voices, shadowy figures, lights in windows.


Historical preservation

The Roseman Covered Bridge

Reports of muffled laughs or men yelling, some report the sounds of wagon wheels crossing the bridge, dogs hackles being raised and refusal to enter bridge and colds spots at the center where something can be seen..

Theres a few tales of men being possibly murdered and disappearing on the bridge upon entering. One was an escaped convict who was trapped on the bridge, the other was a younger man being meeting his girlfriend but was met by the disaproving father and his friends instead. The young man never made it off the bridge.


flickr/jimmy emerson, dvm

Periwinkle Place Manor

Believed to have been the first funeral home in Iowa. And I guess some say its so haunted you have to sign a waiver to stay. And they offer events such as a Murder and Mystery, which could be fun and ghost hunts.

People have reported dolls moving or watching them, seeing ghosts, feelings of someone sitting on beds, humming, footsteps. The website from the Manor, which I will include has videos. I didnt watch lol, but the place sounds cool. Does have a funeral home theme tho.








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7 Responses to “Haunted Iowa”

  1. What a fun collection. Thank you! (And this is as close as I’ll get…)


  2. Very cool. When I lived in Colorado I stayed at the Stanley Hotel (which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining) and took their “ghost” tour, LOL.


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