Simon and Asthma

Who knew that cats could get Asthma? I sure didn’t, but then it shouldn’t have surprised me. Our fur babies get a lot of the same things we do. So why shouldn’t this be any different? It’s an issue though that causes him problems and all I can do is try my best to help him.

Simon is my trash can baby lol. I can say that cause he was really born in a trash can along with his sister. His mom was a feral kitten who showed up during a storm one night and ended up staying. As she, Laney got older, I was determined to tame her. Once she ended up pregnant it was easier to do, I think she wanted to be taken in and cared for. So, after she had her kittens, I got her in the house and went from there. The babies were easy to love on and pet compared to momma at first. She was a handful but worth it all.

Simon is around 7 or 8 now, and of Course couldnt let Brady get all the attention. He is the needy boy that craves attention and has no boundaries. He is not shy about demanding affection or letting you know it is Simon time and will lay all over you to get it. He is also the sweetest and loves to cuddle and give his version of hugs.

But Simon started coughing and throwing up, not alot but enough, and not all the time. I figured it was allergies, hairballs or maybe a bit of a cold and sometimes certain foods upset his tummy. But the cough never went away. Some days he would cough maybe once, other days it was a few times a day.

Took him to vet they took x-rays and saw spotting on his lungs, they said It was Asthma. Was the last thing I wanted or expected to hear. But not much I could do except do what needed to be done for him.

Right now, he’s on a steroid shot every few months depending on how bad he is or once cough starts back up he gets one. He goes back in before long to see if he needs a new treatment plan. So they will do bloodwork to see if the shots are having any damaging side effects and to make sure everything else is ok. There are other options besides the shot but all are expensive up to $300 monthly from what I understand. I have purchased air purifiers to hopefully help with any nasty in the air and I have noticed when it’s going he seems to have less issues.

You just never know what sets him to coughing. Change in weather can set him off, stress or anxiety. Sometimes you just dont know but all you can do is watch and be prepared.

I joined a facebook group and have learned alot. He can be basically treated with the same type of meds that we use depending on the severity. And people suggest changing liters, not using air freshners, changing foods etc. The list goes on.

Between Simon and Brady it can be overwhelming at times.

So please wish us luck in our Asthma journey and a few prayers wouldnt hurt either!


~ by Lencrest Photos on October 9, 2022.

4 Responses to “Simon and Asthma”

  1. Simon is one fortunate critter to have found you! I can commiserate with you on the pressures of trying to manage an animal’s chronic health conditions. I’ve experienced similar situations with both my cats and horses, trying to figure out “what combination of which kind of interventions” will keep that particular animal as comfortable as possible. It’s not always easy. And I’m not always sure that I’ve gotten it right. It is a puzzle at times. But sounds like you’ve got a supportive vet and a helpful online community to give you ideas along the way. What a sweet looking cat, by the way! Love the photos.


  2. Wow. Good luck with both Simon and Brady. Sounds like they’re getting good care from you and the vet.


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