Brady and Kidney Disease

This is my boy Brady. He is the oldest at 13 and was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. He had been not eating well, peeing in a box that was not his liter box, sleeping all the time, was not coming to me to sleep where he normally would or acting right. So off to the vet we went. Not great news.

The above is a good site to visit that explains what Feline Kidney Disease is, causes, treatments, signs etc.

It’s generally seen in cats older than 7 and is a progressive disease. Depending on the progression rate, he could be with me for years to come or just a few more months. It is heartbreaking and every day I have with him i’m thankful. But I am determined to have years left with him!

Sadly there is really not alot that can be done, change of his diet which will help, make sure he is eating, drinking, normal potty habits. and I have joined a support group on Facebook to get advice and support from others dealing with the same thing. They have provided alot of info, especially on food that is K/D friendly.

He is having good days right now, he is eating, he is interacting with me like normal, he has been more energetic and awake alot more.. He is eating Hills K/D Mobility dry which he loves but does not like their can food so we will be trying different ones and he was on an antibiotic for about 10 days.

He can just be picky when it comes to can food so that will be alot of process of elimination and hopefully find some he likes. Bad thing is the food is not easy on the pocket book, its all prescription.

He will be going back to the vet for a full bloodwork panel so we can check and see if theres any changes and to check his phosphorous levels as those need to be watched. Still hoping he just had an infection and the diagnosis wad wrong. But no matter what he is still getting older and his care has to change a bit.

So Please keep us, especially Brady in your prayers…..It would be appreciated, Thanks. And if your pets are acting off in any way, dont hesitate in getting them help.


~ by Lencrest Photos on October 8, 2022.

8 Responses to “Brady and Kidney Disease”

  1. He is so beautiful, I love his lips! I am so sorry he is sick and I hope he still has a few years to give you happiness.


  2. I hope Brady gets better soon.


  3. Prayers for Brady! 🙏


  4. He’s a lovely cat; so sorry you are dealing with this and hope you have many more months together.


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