Hello Blogtober, You Will Be My First..

Blogtober has arrived. This will be my first year trying it, which I have been looking forward to, so hopefully it goes as planned.. I will be stepping away from my normal on occasion and will blog about things I am dealing with as a pet owner and of course there will be plenty of photos. I will even have a guest blogger posting at different times on their trip to Canada.

I am looking forward to my first ever Blogtober so hopefully it works out and, and if you can send a bit of luck my way that might be needed.

Good Luck to all and Happy Blogging!


~ by Lencrest Photos on October 1, 2022.

6 Responses to “Hello Blogtober, You Will Be My First..”

  1. All the best.
    Happy blogging my friend


  2. Good luck with Blogtober! Great pics!


  3. Looking forward to Blogtober!


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