To Keep Or…..

Not? Thats the question of the day. Im just trying to decide if I should weed out a few, and figure out which ones I will use and which ones I doubt I will use again.

Today I used a Panasonic FZ18. I had been on the fence about this one, last time I turned it on it kept telling me to remove the lens cap, which was not on. Today I turned it on and it was fine so I charged the battery put it back in and ugh same message. Did a bit of research and got that figured out so all is well with it.

I loved this camera, it was used regularly forever ago when I first got it. And it was always reliable and I never had any issues with it til the lens cap thing which I did figure out.

So I am posting a few pics from today, mostly unedited, did a few edits on a couple to take some people out, Other wise they are untouched.

What do you think? Is image quality still good enough to justify keeping the camera or culling it from use? I am leaning towards keeping it to use for blog photos.

Hope all is well with everyone!!


~ by Lencrest Photos on August 24, 2022.

2 Responses to “To Keep Or…..”

  1. I do some culling when I first download my photos. Then I do some culling when I use some for a post. Then they sit in the file for a couple of years until I think that I should tag them and then I do some more culling. If I don’t like a photo and it can’t be fixed by post-processing, like it is just plain boring with no story within, I don’t keep it. A lot of your photos made me smile big, a few not so much.


    • I am the same way, I file away ALOT of photos that never see the light of day. But here I didnt do alot of editing except to edit out sunbathers or weeding out since I am deciding whether or not to keep the camera and wanted to see if it still took decent photos and if I would or should add it to my regular line up that I use. But I agree theres a few I wasnt thrilled with either but I left them in there..


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