Its Gonna Be A HOT One

Hot weather does not make me giddy with excitement or joy. Instead i dread it…The heat, the humidity, hair plastered to your neck or forehead. That feeling of needing a shower the second you walk about the door. Whats to love about that?!? lol

I always think every time I drive by this little grove, how cool and refreshing and inviting it looks. I don’t know why I think that but do, especially in the fall. But I think today I would even boil in there…

So yesterday I ran my errands, stocked up on fruit and cool fruity drinks and today I am going to hide in the AC and the dogs will just have to survive not going to a park for a walk.

So stay cool, take care of any outdoor pets or animals with plenty of water and lets hope that August doesn’t give us more days like today..


~ by Lencrest Photos on August 2, 2022.

2 Responses to “Its Gonna Be A HOT One”

  1. Definitely a warm one! Welcome to Iowa summers. Lol


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