Where the Buffalo Don’t Roam

I took a short drive thinking I would go see the baby Buffalo. What I saw was dark spots waaaay off in the distance where ya couldn’t drive or walk. Walking would definetly be bad, there are signs that say “stay in vehicle at all times, buffalo are wild and unpredictable” or close to that. Not like I wanted to go tromping through bug and tick infested grass anyway. Not that I know if ticks are out yet, but you know theres bug or worse, snakes!

Granted I went during the warm part of the day when the herd is out in the trees where I am sure it was cool and shady. So that is on me, but I am still a bit disappointed. There will be another day tho.


~ by Lencrest Photos on June 7, 2022.

One Response to “Where the Buffalo Don’t Roam”

  1. Morning is a good time to see animals a bit more active. If one has the day off, get out early, then take a nap later. No rules against that. jerry


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