Land of Mushrooms

Ever have moments where you see or hear something and it takes you back to your childhood? Growing up the doors of my bedroom had mushrooms on them. They were there when we moved in and we just left them. But for whatever reason I would just stare at them. I could imagine little creatures and faeries running through this forest of mushrooms and I could see myself riding my horse along trails made by the mushroom creatures. I had a good imagination lol. The mushrooms were different colors but mostly had the same shape.

Im not sure if the mushrooms are still there or if they have been painted over. But I picked up some drawing books at the library and I saw the mushrooms in one and it just took me back to that room growing up. I asked my sister if she remembered them, I got a nope.. Thats ok, i remember them with a smile..


~ by Lencrest Photos on November 1, 2021.

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