Libraries…A Community Must Have

Libraries are good for communities, I think they are essential. Not just for people, like me who just love reading, but they offer so much. They offer kids of all ages a place to go after school if they need to for homework, research or just whatever. My library has a place designated for children and a space for teenagers. They not only offer books and dvds, but they have tablets, a computer area, copying and printing, a book sales area.

Other Examples: GENEALOGY…. my library, I dont know if they all do this, offers free access to you can access it at the library or you can access it at home. I have used this many times. I think going into the libraries you have more access to features than when you log on at home. ABCMouse……an online interactive thing for young kids, has reading, language arts, math, science etc. A WORLD CINEMA COLLECTION…..foreign films etc. Not my thing but could be for someone. Maps, Travel, Food, other genalogy access, jobs. The list goes on and on

It even gives access to our local newspaper.

It also has activities for kids, book clubs, scrapbook clubs when I was in today, was told ignore anything that looks out of place as lastnight they had lazer tag going on. I am thinking ok interest8ng. My library is 2 stories so plenty of room I suppose.

And one thing I thought was great is The Adventure Pass. Iowa libraries give free access to certain attractions. It gives passes for 2 adults and 2 kids. Did i mention its FREE? You can get passes for the Zoo, Botanical Center, Science Center and a couple other places. Its an awesome program, especially with the rising prices. They do fill up quick so you do have to plan these trips. And different libraries in different parts of the state probably offer passes for their area attractions.

My library recently did an overhaul/Update and it looks good. And I really do like my library they offer alot, the staff are super nice and helpful and its just a nice space to be in.

So check out your library, might be suprised at what they offer..


~ by Lencrest Photos on October 30, 2021.

2 Responses to “Libraries…A Community Must Have”

  1. Libraries are an absolute lifeline. If only to save my sons from spending all my money on books!


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