Just Gloomy

Its a gloomy Thursday morning. Its been raining off and on since the weekend and even tho we need the rain, like everyone else, im kind of over it. But I went outside to grab a few pics with my phone, got soaked and now im chilled. Its a chilly rain, i can say that. Everything does look pretty even tho its wet and gloomy. Pics arent the best cause I resized them smaller than I had intended.. But Gotta love Fall on days like this even if it is gloomy and makes you want to nap.. Its a Good day to snuggle with the furbabies and read a book I have been meaning to.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!


~ by Lencrest Photos on October 28, 2021.

One Response to “Just Gloomy”

  1. I agree I’m over the rain even though we need it.


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