Back Roads

What is it about Back roads, Country Roads, Dirt Roads, whatever you want to call them? A lot of people make fun of me cause im a Back Roads type, I love driving back roads, especially in the fall. You see so much more than jumping on an interstate or any highway and flying 70 mph. I have nothing against highways, they get you where you need to go and sometimes you have no choice but to take them. I just prefer taking a different route.

I think my dad got me started on my love of back roads. Growing up dad worked the night shift and sometimes on his nights off he of course would be awake in the middle of the night and sometimes I would wake up and hang out with him until he would send me back to bed or I just fell asleep.

Sometimes we would watch a movie or I would watch him play River Raider, anyone who knows that game, I probably just aged myself…lol Other times we would get in the truck and go for a drive, didn’t matter where we went but we would drive the back roads to where ever. sometimes it was still dark when we got back other times the sun would be coming up while we were still out.

I dont know if he knows how much I loved that time I got to spend with him and to this day I still cherish those memories. We dont get to spend much time just going for a drive anymore but I still cherish the time I do get to spend with him…But my love of driving the back roads is still there and every chance I get I go for a drive.

Doesn’t matter where the road takes me….

~ by Lencrest Photos on October 23, 2021.

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