Pear, Maybe?

Lastnight I had my first oil/acrylic painting class. I have never used oil before but I ended up liking it.

I will admit I was a bit nervous about going as i’m used to pencil and how I do things but it doesn’t hurt to go outside your comfort zone and try something different and I am glad I did. I did mess up a bit but it’s a learning process so I can’t complain to much. Im sure I will go again and will improve. So hopefully my pear atleast looks like a pear…

It was fun though, good company, lots of laughter, food, drinks and even made new friends. So overall a good evening..


~ by Lencrest Photos on October 9, 2021.

4 Responses to “Pear, Maybe?”

  1. You did a good job! Love the color green you used.


  2. I like it! Have a similar type of painting (an apple) in my kitchen.


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