One of Those Days………..AGAIN!


Every once in awhile, say every other day, I have one of those days.  Atleast it seems like I do.  You wake up and think it’s a beautiful morning, your in a good mood so you get up, then Boom, you smash your toe into the nightstand.  Now i know we have all done this a time or two.  For me, it’s all the time.

So i’m thinking ok, it hurts, like ALOT.  No biggie, cuss, ignore it, do what ya have to and get over it.  Sounds easy and it pretty much is.  The pain doesn’t last forever.  Continue on to the bathroom half asleep, trying not to trip over the cat, wishing the cat would stop screeching for food and end up tripping over the cat, cause he’s weaving in and around your feet, grab the door handle which slams the door into the wall which in turns opens the door to the cubboard and of course I smack my head on the door cause I didn’t realize it had opened.  Not like it makes a noise.  Sigh.  The day has only gone down hill from there, almost makes you not want to drive, or walk.  I would say not leave the house but well ya see how thats going…..Yes, its one of those days..

Hope all your days are going happy and accident, clumsy free!

~ by Lencrest Photos on October 2, 2015.

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