Little White Church with Red Doors

For quite awhile now I have been working on the family history.  It’s one of those never ending things, sometimes I work on it, sometimes I walk away just to get a break from it. One of the things I have been wanting was a picture of the church my parents were married in.  So this morning I went for a drive to check it out.

The Church used to be in the country, and it partly still is, but the area is being developed and the road widened.  In fact, because they are expanding the road the chuch has to move.  Thankfully they were able to purchase the land behind the church so they dont have to move it very far.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             There was a very nice lady there when I stopped, she was cleaning up the flowers etc and was kind enough to let me in. She was also happy to share a bit of the history of the church and share plans and let me look around.  The church was built in 1900 and everything is still pretty much in it’s original state.  It’s not a very large church but it holds a certain amount country charm.   I asked her if they still held services and she said every Sunday and they even continue to do weddings there.

Over all it was a nice visit. If you would like to check them out click on the link to visit their website


~ by Lencrest Photos on September 26, 2015.

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