Mornings Like These….

Im rereading this post and think how true it still is with a slight difference. I finally have a place to sit outdoors on the days when its nice and my Bitser in the window is no longer with me. I still miss him every day. But I know hes waiting in a window with the sun on his face and and lazing the days away with his brothers and sisters who are equally missed…

It’s morning like these I wish I had a lovely patio with big comfy furniture or a cute little swing under the shade tree.  Where I could sit in comfort reading or drinking a cup of coffee or iced tea, not that I drink either one, but it’s the idea.   Or even just do nothing but enjoy the space.

I would love to have a patio to enjoy, my sister has one under her deck they recently redid and i’m jealous.  I look at that think how lovely it would be to have plants and flowers and chairs.  To be able to sit out and enjoy a moment of tranquility in that secluded spot.  But thats me, my sis, she’s a sunworshipper and likes to sit out in the sun.

But here I sit inside for the moment, listening to the birds, the dog barking next door and someone mowing their yard.  The sounds of summer,  that when the windows are closed and the air is on I dont always get to hear.  I like those sounds, the mundane every day part of life.

I am watching the cats fussing over who gets to sit in the open window, smacking each other for the priveledge, never mind there’s several other windows they could be sitting in.  But i’m not in those rooms and they would rather be where I am at.  They chase and play on days when the windows are open, only resting in the heat of the afternoon after they have worn themselves out.  Like little kids going down for their nap.

I wish I could bottle days like this so when the gloom of winter is upon us I can open my bottle and be taken away to mornings like this…..


~ by Lencrest Photos on June 23, 2015.

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