Longing for Spring




January 24, 2013

I love taking photos but I hate being cold, it causes a small problem when it’s almost the end of January and it’s COLD outside. I’m not talking 32 degrees cold, i’m talking bone chilling blustery (as the weather guy calls it) wind chill in the minuses cold.

So do I love photography enough to brave the elements and get out there and shoot? Or am I smart enough to know that i’m only going to have a small window of time before my fingers go numb and my battery goes dead? I like to think i’m both.

I try not to be a “window shooter” You know what i’m talking about. The person who sits in the comfort of their vehicle, rolls down the window and snaps away. Ok so I will not lie and say I have NEVER done it, but only during certain times. Like when i’m driving down the interstate, (as a passenger of course) and I see something I like and I snap away. Maybe other times too, but Shhh, dont tell.

I know winter has a certain appeal and there’s a beauty in the stark wintery landscape. But i’m thinking ahead to spring and how i’m so ready for it. Bring on the spring rains, and the thaw of the land as it comes alive, the tulips and crocuses, the first shoots of that greener than green grass and the buds on the trees. The smells, how can you not love the smells of spring? The flowers, the clean scent of the rain as it washes the winter gunk away, and the flowering trees. And the babies animals

So yeah, I have a thing for Spring, and i’ve been thinking about it alot lately. It’s probably because winter is going to be over and in less than 2 1/2 months.

Til then I will brave the elements, endure cold fingers, dead or dying batteries, and the cold toes.

Stay warm!

Til the next time……


~ by Lencrest Photos on January 26, 2013.

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